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Includes the default Africa Scenery.#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require_relative ‘../common’
require_relative ‘../ls.rb’

# test for relative path to avoid the creation of the directory
# if it does not exist yet
# – rit49/ is the one containing the repository root
# – lite:: is the top most directory containing the.git
if File.exists? lite::”package.json”
# if it does not exist yet, create it
File.open(lite::”package.json”, “w”) { |f| f.write “test: 42″ }
File.open(lite::”package.json”, “a”) { |f| f.write File.join(lite::”package.json”) }

File.open(lite::”package.json”, “a”) do |f|
puts “::” * f.linelength
puts “::” * f.linelength
puts “::” * f.linelength

file = File.join lite::”package.json”

puts “file path : #{file}”
puts “line number : #{file.lineno}”

puts “–mock===== –list”
puts “content of the package.json file”

puts “–file content (filepath) : #{file}#{“:”}#{file.read}”
puts “–file content (filepath) : #{file}#{“:”}#{file.read}”
puts “::” * f.linelength

if File.exists? file
puts “::” * f.linelength
puts “::” * f.linelength
puts “::” * f.linelength


def ls_main(argv)
path = argv.first
cmd = “git ls-files –cached”
ret = system(cmd)
exit(ret? 1 : 0)



Contraption Maker Features Key:

  • NPCs (those who play are friends and companions; they are not role-playing gamers), leaders of the settlements, and heroes can be used to fight against the Necromancer’s army!
  • Create your world and start playing!
  • Prepare your town to fight against the Necromancer and his army by building a proper castle and a defensive fortification.
  • Learn the most important elements of the game in the fight against the necromancer, his minions, and his trolls. BEWARE!
  • Defeat the necromancer with your friends and they can become your companions; they can change their look and the way they fight!
  • Warriors who want glory can test their skills against the Necromancer’s army or in the underground and repeatable Dungeon. They can move themselves to the next stage.
  • Well-balanced and highly customizable formula of the game: your town has other towns as


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Ether Loop is a fast-paced bullet hell with roguelike elements. Players are stuck in an endless loop with a double-edged curse, but can help Ether escape the prison of his fate. Ether can jump and slide to avoid enemy bullets, but getting hit slows down his movement significantly, leaving a window for attack.
Players start with the basic loadout of a pistol and one of three high-tier abilities: Speed, Radius or Range. Ether can then collect other items, weapons and abilities to create synergies that increase his strength dramatically.
Ether Loop is built for local multiplayer and online players and is a perfect game to play with friends or the whole family.
Follow us on Twitter:
Like us on Facebook:
Find us on the Web:

You are sucked into a nebulous world where high-speed shoot ’em ups collide with ninja-action and the most explosive magic ever created, and you are the Avatar… Buried deep within an ancient, dimension-crossing temple lies a fathomless treasure of unlimited power. Will you embrace the world of Ether and wield all its might to avoid the twisting fate waiting above? The fate to be the creator of your own destiny? Play Ether as a ninja, warrior, wizard or robot!

In this one of a kind brain-training puzzle-arcade game created by indie developer Mikkel Kessler, you must race to save the world from certain destruction!
KesslerMania is a fast-paced brain-training game where players must carefully choose which rocket to shoot by tapping the screen just right. As the game progresses, new special attacks are unlocked, allowing for greater exploration of the world and the ability to solve intricate puzzles.

The Powerpuff Girls are back — for real this time! Hero, Fighter, and Girl, they’re all superpowered and saving the world. Their mission: save all of the citizens of Townsville — with their mecha buddy ‘Lash,’ of course. I don’t know how they do it, but they always have time for citizens in distress!

This is the third in the bestselling, critically acclaimed, Fantastique series by Darcie McBride and the artist and writer Shelly Lutrell.
In a completely transformed world, a young girl is committed to a mental institution for her unexplain


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Play as Momiji!
The “Alluring Mandarin Dress” costume for Momiji from DOA6 has come back! The following is the key features of the costume:- Create a different Momiji that rivals Tsuyu in fashion sense!- A feminine outfit!- Suit up with the attire!- You can also choose the suit without having to worry about the size.
– Craft a different Momiji that rivals Tsuyu in fashion sense!
Design your outfit!
You can be your character wearing this Alluring Mandarin Dress from DOA6 – Momiji.
– Momiji’s clothing is completed by combining several elements from the following four parts!
– Wear one of the Haruka Earrings, the Miharu Earrings, the Harukabana (see the key item list below), the Valkyrie Earrings to make Momiji’s clothes complete!
– Purchase the four individual parts separately and combine them!
– Have fun coming up with your own custom costume combinations!
You can also make your own combination without having to worry about the size.
The following Haruka Earrings, Miharu Earrings, Harukabana and Valkyrie Earrings are included in the costume:- Haruka Earrings:
– Two matching earrings, each with a cameo illustration of “Haruka” and “Miharu”!- Miharu Earrings:
– Two matching earrings, each with a cameo illustration of “Haruka” and “Miharu”!- Harukabana:
– [Bunny] Bear-shaped headband with adorable cuteness!- Valkyrie Earrings:
– Multi-colored, warrior-shaped earrings with cute depictions of Valkyrie!
The fitting key item list includes:- Momiji’s custom wardrobe of the Alluring Mandarin Dress- Haruka Earrings- Miharu Earrings- Harukabana- Valkyrie Earrings- All pieces can be purchased from the costume shop
The costume that Momiji wears can be changed into any of the standard New Zealand’s adorable costumes.
You can also change the size of Momiji by adjusting the size of her clothing.
The item can be purchased individually for 3,000 yen each.
In order to use this character, you must purchase the character from the in-game store.
The estimated number of items in this costume:
– Haruka Earrings: 20 pieces- Miharu Earrings: 20 pieces- Harukabana: 10 pieces- Valkyrie Earrings


What’s new in Contraption Maker:

– RID + Elite Fetish Collector

You are Bounty Hunter. You are a brave, heartless, law-abiding killing machine,
and here are your duty to help increase the population of a law-abiding society

– Population Pack 3

Bounty Hunter: SPACE DETECTIVE – Space Detective Designer


Bounty Hunter: Space Detective 7/7/2017
Press F1 at the main menu to see the walkthrough

Bounty Hunter: Space Detective – Space Detective Designer


#1 This great is kind of random, so I will try to give an explanation to
to the whole 3D area thing. The area is created with the Add Scene -> Area or
button on the Scene Attributes. All the buttons to the right are for the
creation of 3D GameObjects and all the buttons on the top the creation of
Textured GameObjects. Each object is made up of the three buttons under them
and the name of the layer that holds the objects for that particular button.
For instance, the Add GameObject button is Layer 0 and Add Textured
GameObject is Layer 2.

The Gun Weapon and Hand Weapon can be created in this. Well for now just
thinking about including them, to include these GameObjects in the bank,
you have to make a gun and hand weapon for yourself first, you can do that
at the main menu.

Next you have to make a room, then the gun and hand weapon models. Then you
are gonna add them into the room, click Scene Attributes, Scene Properties
-> 3D Object Groups.

For the DNA, it is made up of the 3D Polysheet, Height Map and the
routine automatically. That routine is just basic creation of the routine,
and anything you know about the XNA, The DNA of the Room has the DNA
written inside:

To put it simple the DNA does these things here:

1. Take the height map and “fill” it with the height map data. Even
though it’s already filled, sometimes the texture gets messed up, so
fill is used here.

2. Add the height map data into the pool. Make sure the pool is set
as 0.3, not 0.3000001. If it has the decimal at the number it’s
way worse and no use.


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In the universe of Infini, each of us is a small island.
No matter who we are, where we come from, what we do, or what we think, we occupy this small island of our brain. In fact, everything is an illusion. The real world is our dream.
In Infini, you will pass through a series of labyrinths. Each labyrinth focuses on a different theme. You may be able to see them as blurry and light, as a lot of colors hurt your eyes, or as a black-and-white cartoon. The more you play, the more you will see.
In each labyrinth, you will find a symbol. They are somewhat like hints, and some of them actually represent different tools you can use to achieve success. For example, a cube or a circle.
Find the tools and solve all the puzzles to become a much better version of yourself.
I will say it again. Finding the tools is key. A computer can do it for you, but they can’t find the tools for you. You have to hunt for them.
First Labyrinth:
A cross between Peter Piper and The Thing
The school that you attend is the place you will meet your friends. Actually, all the worlds are schools, and a whole separate world called “School 2” is up ahead. Once you finish the school, School 3 is up next.
Second Labyrinth:
The Life Cycle
This is a labyrinth about life cycle and birth.
Third Labyrinth:
It’s all about finding the missing key
The sound of that key will be different for each player, and its rhythm will be unique.
Fourth Labyrinth:
A secret fortress of light
It’s very similar to the story in The Legend of Zelda
Fifth Labyrinth:
The top of the mountain
It contains various religions, each of which contains an altar
Sixth Labyrinth:
Fine Arts
All about colors
Colors are associated with power, and in each labyrinth, you will have to use it and become stronger
Seventh Labyrinth:
An embassy of a prince
The embassy of a prince should be able to teach you more about the imperial cult in China.
Eighth Labyrinth:
A secret weapons facility
It’s a labyrinth about war and weapons.
It’s on the bottom level of the game.
Remember that it takes a long time


How To Crack:

  • 1. Double Click on the file Emiko.exe in your Download folder.
  • 2. Once the installation window opens, use a third party crack program such as DMG Crack (Windows) / Raromatic or Sheephead.
  • 3. Press “Install” to begin the installation process.
  • 4. Once the file has been installed, launch the game.
  • 5. You will need to use an audio editing program to fix the problem regarding the sound.
  • 6. Mount the following maps, and play them, for the purpose of fixing the sound:
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