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24/7 Quotes

8388 S Tamiami Trail, Suite 264

Sarasota, FL 34238

Dental Insurance

Are you in the market for a low cost dental plan that fits your individual needs and budget? Choose from an array of benefit options that include access to network providers that can help keep the cost of your care affordable. Whether you seek a basic plan that covers cleanings, Xrays and cavities or need more substantial coverage, we can help you find the coverage you need. Each plan complements your health insurance coverage and provides benefits for preventative, diagnostic and restorative services.

Your dental plan can help you pay for:

  • Preventive
  • Diagnostic exams
  • Restorative Dental Procedures

Call (941) 809-2012 or click below for a free, no-obligation quote.

Dental Quote

The Right Supplemental Plans at the Best Prices

With over 2 million insurance policies from over 180 carriers, you’re certain to find a plan that’s just right for you and your family.

Compare Plans Below

Basic Dental Plans starting at just over $10/month

  • COVERED SERVICES: Preventive, Diagnostic, Restorative and Adjunctive Services
    CALENDAR YEAR DEDUCTIBLE:  $100/basic and major – 3 max per familyCALENDAR YEAR MAXIMUM: $1,000/person – $5,000/family
    TYPE I COVERED SERVICES: 100% No waiting period
    TYPE II COVERED SERVICES: 50% 6 month waiting period
    TYPE III COVERED SERVICES: Not Covered* Certain services include limitations. Benefits are reduced for non-network providers.

Premier Dental Coverage

COVERED SERVICES: Preventive, Diagnostic, Restorative, Adjunctive, Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery Services

CALENDAR YEAR DEDUCTIBLE:  $50/basic and major – 3 max per family

CALENDAR YEAR MAXIMUM: $1,200/person – $6,000/family

TYPE I COVERED SERVICES: 100% No waiting period

TYPE II COVERED SERVICES: 80% 6 month waiting period

TYPE III COVERED SERVICES: 60% 12 month waiting period

Vision Plan Benefits


Covered at 100%


Standard uncoated plastic lenses – $10 copay


Frames – $10 copay with $120 allowance

Corrective Contact Lenses – $10 copay with $120 allowance


You pay:

Frames – 60% of retail

Standard Polycarbonate – $40

Standard Scratch-Resistance – $15

Tints (Solid and Gradient) – $15

Standard Progressive Lenses – $65

Premium Progressive Lenses – $65 + (80% of retail) less $120 allowance

UV Coating – $15

Standard Anti-Reflective – $45

Nonprescription glasses and sunglasses – 80% of retail

Other Lens Options – 80% of retail

LASIK or PRK Vision Correction – 15% off retail or 5% off promotional price

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