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Roblox is an online game platform that allows you to program games for users to play and rate in order to access new in-game toys, clothes, pets, and the ability to decorate their avatar with a variety of items such as clothing, jewelry, and accessories. You can design your game as a free-to-play experience as well as a premium game. There are over 12 million games created by the user base. Roblox started off in 2004 as a gaming platform where users can role play online. It is an online multiplayer game where users can design the game they want to play with blockly or C++. The game’s platform hosts user-created games of multiple genres coded in the programming language Lua.
In February 2010, Roblox introduced the Roblox Studio, an interactive development environment that allowed users to create games for free through programming in JavaScript, C++, and Python.

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Games and Developers:
Roblox introduced the user-created game Blitzi, where users can play other users’ games. Games that are created in the Blitzi program can be played via the Roblox Player. The Roblox Player is an online browser that hosts games created by users or via the Roblox Studio. Blitzii is a free game that allows players to design their own games and play them with others online. Players can create a “Game” via programming in JavaScript, C++, or Python. The player’s file is saved in the Roblox Studio, which allows players to access, edit, rate, and download their saved games.

Roblox was one of the first online games to be created with a game-making development engine, allowing users to create a game in code. The first Roblox game developed by Roblox was called Mattelopoly. Since Mattelopoly, Roblox has grown from three platforms to include several game creation systems and programming languages. The company’s product portfolio includes Roblox Studio and the Roblox Academy. The Roblox Academy is a free set of tools designed to teach users how to code and create a game. Roblox Studio is an interactive development environment that allows users to create games. Players can code their game using JavaScript, C++, and Python. In 2019, Roblox introduced their Roblox Studio Creator that allows users to design their own games and publish them as Free-to-Play games.


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Roblox enables people of all ages to play together, create, and imagine in one of the largest user-generated game experiences on the Web.

It is the ultimate gaming destination for kids and teens, where they can socialize, imagine, and create anything.

Kids of all ages love exploring, creating and playing. Let them have fun in a safe, award-winning online gaming environment.

Roblox has millions of real players ages 6 to 17, both boys and girls. Kids love it because:

1. It’s Safe: With Roblox kids are sure to have a safe, positive, and trusted online experience
2. It’s Free: With Roblox the kids can play for free – all the games are created and supported entirely by the community
3. It’s Boundless: Kids can create their own games, play their own games, and share their creations with other players
4. It’s Adaptive: Kids can pick up new skills and play in new ways with the platform. And it’s totally free
5. It’s Consistent: From server to server, from one game to another, kids get the exact same gaming experience every time
6. It’s Engaging: Kids can create their own games and play them with friends, get bonus prizes, win leaderboards, and chat with other players
7. It’s Social: Kids can play with their friends in creative ways, chat with each other, and make new friends and join in communities. The community also ensures a positive online experience for all.

Roblox is a safe, free, innovative, and fun gaming environment. With any luck you could be among the millions of players on Roblox.

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