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The Might and Magic Heroes Series offers turn-based strategy gaming from the original. The games have a 5. 6 rating and on average score of 5. 3/5 stars on Metacritic.
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Might & Magic Heroes VII is a turn based strategy game from the original Might & Magic series. It is a stand alone expansion for Heroes of Might & Magic VII.
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How to get the leading digits of a number in SQL Server?

I need to get the first “3” digits only of a number.

Can someone point me to the right direction?


If you have a number:
select LEFT(NumericValue, 3)
from NumericValue

If you have a string:
select LEFT(CAST(numericValue As VARCHAR(11)), 3)
from NumericValue


Is it possible to make bash completion use completion data from other files?

I want to make it possible to define my completions in a file that I source into my shell’s config rather than hard coding all of them into the shell script.
I tried the following in my.bashrc:
if [ -f “$HOME/.bash_completion” ]; then
. “$HOME/.bash_completion”

I then tried sourcing the bash_completion file into my shell. I couldn’t type any arguments at all. I get the following error message:

“Compiz (opengl) CompizConfig Settings Manager Fatal Error: No
compositing manager found!”

I am on Ubuntu 16.04 with gnome. When I open the terminal I don’t see the messages popping up that would be related to bash’s completion subsystem.


Remove. from ~/.bashrc and restart the terminal. It is telling you that its sourcing your.bashrc.

“It’s called a summer slump,” he said. “I call it a sophomore slump. You get all these highs, and you get all these lows. And hopefully, like me, you stay on the positive side of the curve.”

And the Rockies’ campaign in the early going has been a roller coaster, with flashes of brilliance mixed in with squandered opportunities and even a few instances of ineffectual play.

In part, no doubt, they feel bad for themselves, once again having lost four of their last five games, and particularly having been shut out Sunday in a 6-0 defeat against the Brewers. That they have allowed eight of their 11 runs in the opening five games of the season in


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