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* Convert OWL models to complete XML schemas.
* XML schema generation only from OWL class definitions.
* XML schema generation is based on the XML Schema 2.0 library.
* Returned schema are converted in OWL with a property expansion.
* Optionally, you can also generate XML Schema 2.0 for a given subset of classes or properties.
* Generated schemas are compatible with XSD tools like XMLSpy.
* It can be used standalone or in the Eclipse Ontology Development Tools (ODT).

Install the package:

1. Add dependency to maven in you project pom.xml:


2. Add the jar to your lib folder:

java -jar lib/swrl2xs.jar

3. Run the example.

* converter URL =

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In addition to implementing the standard OWL format, OWL2XS includes a set of extensions to provide properties over declarations and many useful features that don’t have equivalents in the standard.
Download: owl2xs.zip from the version history or from SourceForge
How to use:
To use the module, do the following:

Installing Dependencies

Copy the contents of the owl2xs.jar into your project’s lib/ directory.
Then, when creating the maven project, include the following dependency on the maven compiler plugin:


Writing an Ontology

To write a simple ontology, first make sure you have a properly formatted ontology written in the OWL format. Note that, depending on the OWL tool you’re using, there may be additional files.
Then, call owl2xs like so:
$java -jar owl2xs.jar source/your/ontology.owl

The above command will analyze the ontology and generate a schema in java/your/schema.java.

Using the Schema

The generated java/your/schema.java file contains the necessary information to create a JAXB-generated Java schema instance. You can retrieve the schema instance and use it to construct an instance of the schema:
$java -jar owl2xs.jar schema.java yourSchema.xsd


Note that other methods besides java are available – there’s a *NIX version of owl2xsd available and a PHP version.
Also, there is a Haskell version. As far as I know, Java is the only thing available in a mainstream library. The Java version is based on the latest version of Apache’s software.


Starting from version 3.0 of Jena, owls2xsd will be available as an Apache POI component. The package is org.apache.poi.util.xsd.

Source code package – org.apache.poi.util.xsd.

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owl2xs is a lightweight Java library that you can use to generate XML schema from any OWL2 ontology.
Based on the Apache XML Schema 2.0 library, owl2xs can analyze the ontology and generate the corresponding XML schema. Since it is built in Java, it is compatible with all the major platforms.
Current Version: 1.3.9
License: Apache Software License 2.0
The current version of the library can be downloaded from:
Free to use for non-commercial and personal purposes.
There are two ways to use the library:
Either install and run it as a standalone application. You can do this by downloading it from the above link, unpacking it and running it.
Or you can just use it when you generate XML schema from an ontology using the following command:
java -jar owl2xs.jar ontology.owl
Download the latest version of the library here:
Version History
Release 1.3.9 (2012-09-04)
Correctly implement OWL 2 compliance (thanks to Olaf Beier of Zuse Institute Berlin)
Version 1.3.8 (2012-08-17)
Add support for using OWL2 RDFS (thanks to kenstone)
Version 1.3.7 (2012-08-16)
Improvements in files that cannot be loaded (thanks to kenstone)
Version 1.3.6 (2012-08-08)
Correctly load simple URLs (thanks to kenstone)
Version 1.3.5 (2012-05-31)
Improved OWL 2 compliance support for OntMappings
Version 1.3.4 (2012-05-31)
Apply OWL 2 constraints if available
Version 1.3.3 (2012-05-24)
Updated Javadoc
Version 1.3.2 (2012-04-09)
Allow OWL 2 DL to be loaded in read only mode
Version 1.3.1 (2012-02-05)
Add support for loading

What’s New in the?

A lightweight Java library that you can use to generate XML schema from any OWL2 ontology.
Main OWL2XS Features:
* Generate the corresponding XML schema from the ontology in JSON or YAML format
* Uses the JSON serializer defined in the Json-Schema library
* Generate a Java code for every class and annotation property
* Includes a set of tools to manage the generated file in an organized way
The wol2x script to generate Java/XML from an OWL2 ontology is available through the command line.

OWS XML Descent Parser is a library designed to be a lightweight, high-performance, and extensible XML parser. OWS XML Descent Parser is designed to be a fast, high-performance, lightweight XML parser. It is based on the XML parser XWAP, which is inspired by the Universal Descent Parser (UDP), itself inspired by the XML parser Xalan.
OWS XML Descent Parser uses domain-specific integrated circuit (IC) synthesizer technology that prevents any latency when parsing very large documents such as XML or HTML documents, or very large XML documents, which can lead to serious bottlenecks in scalability.
Similar to Xalan, OWS XML Descent Parser supports recursive parsing and it creates valid output for documents that are not well-formed.
OWS XML Descent Parser can be configured with a Maven plugin, which makes it possible to build it as part of a larger project.
OWS XML Descent Parser has been thoroughly tested using Java SE 6, Java SE 7 and Java SE 8. All of the tests we ran passed without encountering any error.
* Lightweight, high performance XML parser
* Generate valid output for documents that are not well-formed
* Extensible with little effort
* Supports HTML documents
* Supports XML documents
* Uses the Java XML libraries
* Also available as a command-line application
* Supports recursive parsing (depth-first)
* Supports streaming parsing (pull parser)
* Supports different charsets
* Supports the XHTML standard

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System Requirements For Owl2xs:

Windows XP SP3 or higher,
Windows Vista,
Windows 7,
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher,
iPad 1, 2 or newer
iPhone 3GS or newer,
iPod touch 3rd generation or newer
Android 2.2 or newer
*Please note that the app will be unplayable if you have any of the following issues:
The device cannot play HTML5 video
The app does not respond when you touch the screen
The device or OS is not supported by this version




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