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Red Giant Magic Bullet Plugins Suite 11.4.2 For Adobe After Effects (x86 X64)

For a truly professional looking and sounding movie trailer, you need to give your audio the best treatment possible. The audio can often have a powerful effect on the overall feel of the movie trailer. While Adobe gives you post production tools to help in this area, you can use the audio tools available in After Effects to give your audio that professional touch. Some of the most used features in the audio world are built in to After Effects for cleaning up an audio track.

As we discussed in the first section, many of the tools in the suite are aimed at enhancing color as well as film look. A perfect example is Colorista IV. If your need is film look or color correction and you need a solution that works outside the Adobe After Effects environment, Red Giant Magic Bullet Plugins Suite 11.4.2 for Adobe After Effects (x86 x64) has you covered. If you havent used Colorista IV, you should. If you are just starting out with your color correction needs, or if you need something that will get the job done like a pro, Colorista IV will be a serious contender in your arsenal of color correction tools.

I have already reviewed many of these products previously. For my review of Mojo II, I simply plugged it into After Effects and decided to apply it to a source video. I then applied one of the presets provided. As expected, Mojo really creates a nice filter look. The default presets are good for the most part but something more artistic for you might want to dive into and construct your own. In terms of ease of use, this is one of the easiest options to work with. The presets are pre-curved and the adjustment controls are easy to find. The two-step scrubbing is helpful for adjusting without any lag and the two-step control is helpful to move easily around curves. On top of that, the radial wheel is pretty intuitive.

colorista iv isnt the only one in the suite with a magic bullet. the bluescreen feature will automatically calculate the correct backdrop color for you. in fact, you can use the built-in luts to set the color of the backdrop in the clip. you can also use the built-in bluescreen to match the backdrop color from the source clip. the luts are available for three different backdrops, but we found that they did a good job with an even gray and a brownish-gray.
this is all part of the red giant philosophy to make the most powerful tools available to the user. by doing this, the user can achieve the best and most accurate results possible, rather than using a ton of tools and techniques that could be easily accomplished with a good color correction plug-in. its no secret that editors are under immense pressure to get the job done, so theyll go to any lengths to get the results they need. the red giant plug-ins suite is made to make it easier than ever to create a strong and effective color correction.
there is a lot to like in this suite. the updated tools, new features, and convenient new features are all a great bonus. if you are a true adobe user, youll get the most out of this suite. colorista iv is a great pick for any user who needs a powerful color correction tool.
colorista iv if you are looking for a professional color correction plug-in for adobe after effects, colorista iv is it. colorista has a ton of controls that will satisfy the most demanding of colorists. it also has a complete screen for working with masks and mattes. we really enjoyed the guided color correction feature and the ability to directly control the output of our clip in the panel. we also liked the temperature and tint controls and the powerful global controls for each channel. although colorista is more expensive than our editor’s pick, adobe color cc, you will not regret the investment. 





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