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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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? The Pirates of the Dawn Forest ?

This time in the Lands Between, adventurers will meet the King and Queen of the Elder World. The king and queen live in a peaceful world alongside the golden Elves, but their surroundings have been tainted by mysterious occurrences. A new hope may arrive in the form of a mysterious clown. The clown tells them of a myth of the Elden Ring and a hero who will travel to the Elder World. The adventurers must play their part in the coming conflict, and are glad that they have such a powerful ally in this new adventure.

? The Dungeons in the Lands Between ?

An opportunity that will change the fate of the Lands Between!
The start of the game will be the dungeons. A vast world full of dangerous creatures and valuable treasure awaits the adventurers who venture into it. But the spirit of the first adventurer, the hero of the game, may already be behind the door…

? The Romantic and Action-packed Story of a Fantasy Adventurer ?

While traveling through the Lands Between, your adventurer will gradually gather friends and allies.
While the adventurer’s strength is enhanced, the adventure will gradually come to a head.
As time passes, the adventurer will begin to feel a hint of doubt.

? Explore and Interact with World Using an Augmented Reality-type Card ?

The Lands Between is a vast world where different situations meet and intertwine.

We want to create a game that enables you to enjoy the various atmospheres of the Lands Between as you adventure across it.

One example is Augmented Reality type cards.
When you hold this card in front of your eyes, it will be reflected in the world around you, providing information on the objects and NPCs that will appear in this scene.
When you put this card away, it becomes invisible and the game will be played normally as if it wasn’t there.
There will be many places that can be unlocked through these type of cards, each with their own atmosphere.

Upcoming Features
• Exploration to Earn Experience Points

During exploration, you will earn experience points and level up. This will lead to a higher level of your character and the ability to use stronger weapons and magic.
• Battles with Unique AI

The enemies are AI characters that will teach the player the rules of fighting in this game.
• Character Customization



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elyon, the God of the Realm, will appear in your game.
  • Come to the Lands Between and be blessed by the magic of Elyon
  • A story of high fantasy that’s rich with mystery.
  • Endless leveling gives players a sense of emotional progress.
  • Your mastery of skills increases with every battle and quest.
  • Increase your stats on your equipment and spell and artifacts with the aid of epic equipment.
  • Raids where you battle heroes and monsters as well as powerful bosses.
  • Shareable skills and equipment.
  • Cross-platform play with players worldwide.
  • Excellent graphics that vividly convey the mysterious mystery and fantasy of Tarnished.

    Elden Ring System Features:

    • Up to 5 Character
    • Simple but epic story with tons of action.
    • A large game world where you freely explore.
    • A story that opens multiple scenarios that have high replay value.
    • A rich online experience that lets you go for a play together with other players.

    Elden Ring Are you ready to go to the Lands Between and attempt the challenge of being a lord?