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The Geosys™ software is a suite of specialized tools designed to facilitate geoscientific applications for local and regional governments. It is sold as a unit, with a single user license, but each tool (and individual user of the tools) may have separate licenses.

Tools include GEOspatial, a map and database tool; GESSY, a dynamic map product that can be used in an interactive context; and FIELDLAB, a multi-user, web-based application for scientific visualizations and geospatial data processing.


Fieldwork and database management are an essential part of any scientific study. GEOspatial is an interactive GIS workflow tool designed to help users manage field and database information and create topologies and maps. GEOspatial allows users to quickly and easily tag and label features, add geospatial information and create custom queries. Users also have the ability to manage and analyze data, and maintain and import database information.


GESSY is an interactive map product that can be used in a number of interactive map applications. In the most basic format, GESSY is a static map that can be used for geographic information retrieval. It is often used as a background map for map viewers or map viewers itself.

In addition to static maps, GESSY can be used in an interactive application. By loading relevant data, including geographic information, users can query and manipulate information on the map. GESSY provides features such as points of interest (POIs), polygon and polyline boundaries, colors and symbols, and boundaries that are specified by data query (DQ).

Custom DQ is the ability to provide the capability to move the map to a specific location or set of locations. This is sometimes referred to as an interactive map or an animated map.


FIELDLAB is a web-based application that allows users to visualize, manipulate and analyze geospatial data within an interactive environment.

FIELDLAB has many unique features including:

Flexible and powerful

Vector, topological and raster data types

Viewport, corner and zooming capabilities

Segmentation, including by Boolean, category and distance-to-geometries

User-defined geometries

Mapping of custom or user-defined grids

Vector-based add-ins that can import shapefiles or use ESRI shape


Features Key:

  • Realistic and easy to play.
  • Addictive and growing levels.
  • Five gardens and more than 30 levels.
  • You don't need a blink of an eye to finish the game.
  • Carefully crafted graphics.

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    “In my nearly seven years of gaming, I’ve never had a game quite like this one before. Its simple, crisp design, coupled with it’s gorgeous art style, make it quite an experience to play.”
    9.1/10 – Banished Entertainment

    About This Game:
    “The game uses hand-drawn graphics and has many simple menus to get to what you need. It feels a bit like a “Game of Life” and a bit like a classic “RPG”.”
    9/10 – Edge Online
    About This Game:
    “Seriously, almost everything in the game works – even the character customisation. It’s not often you can say that.”
    5/5 – MG Heroes
    “Immerse yourself in the world of GoT – in the same vein as Dragon Age.”
    “The combat system is simple to learn, but manages to be very deep. Monsters are intelligent, responsive, and way more challenging than they should be.”
    8/10 – PCGamer
    “One of the nicest things about this game is that it’s not just a visually impressive looking game. The sound design is done with care and attention, and the writing doesn’t put too much focus on the more fantastical elements; everything works well together to bring the game to life”
    “One of the great things about Deadfire is how balanced the different elements of the game are. The tutorial is simple, the story is well written, but there’s a lot to do and find out here.”
    “Each class has it’s own role that is suited to it, and the classes can be tailored to your own liking without changing the game’s essence.”


    Playable with Keyboard and Mouse

    Cutscenes with Voiceovers

    Speech Dialogue (Still in development)

    Simple Battle System

    Flexible Classes

    Thoughtful Level Design

    A variety of Animals, Geology, Magic, and more

    Protect your village from savage siege by besiegers

    Playable with Keyboard and Mouse

    Play this game with a keyboard and a gamepad just like you would play any other RPG! Or, plug in your mouse and


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    Two and a half years has passed since the end of a war.

    The children now have grown up into the children of the region. They have succeeded in that they have learned everything of the world that was before.

    Moreover, even if they still have strong desires, they have found the strength to overcome their desires, and they have become powerful girls.

    Once it was a battle of the country of the human race; the soldiers who fought with the soldiers of the goddess.

    However, in this time of peace, the figure of the Goddess has been forgotten.

    However, as the youth of the region have flourished, they have started to believe in the existence of a figure of the Goddess.

    In one of the capitals of the goddess’s country, they have heard a voice in the sky.

    It is said that it is a voice of the Goddess.

    They thought that it is a voice that people will start to call again, and they had hopes of it.

    And so, they were seeing the voice.

    Moreover, a path that is known as a strange phenomenon that appears in the sky, appears.

    They thought it was the start of a prophecy that would lead the human race.

    However, for one of them, it was the start of a farewell.

    And so, the path of the Goddess’s country ended.

    And so, in this place, the solitary path of the goddess, it became the only place left for the souls of the dead.

    With that, for those who could not cope with it, a situation arose in which they would be lost.

    This path where they lose their lives, and this path was a path where they lost the hope.

    Furthermore, the one who lost her soul was named “Onee Chanbara”.

    However, this is not the end.

    While she has been wandering in the place where the souls of the dead are, she has seen the forms of the dead that are wandering in that place.

    And because of that, she has found an abandoned house on the outskirts of the world where there are many corpses and so on.

    After that, she has found a corpse that she thought was the figure of a little child and has taken it to the abandoned house.

    However, once she has arrived to the abandoned house, she has felt a strong sense of danger.


    What’s new in Sim 4K VR MediaPlayer:

      : Kids Matching Game

      Hi everyone! I am back with the Fant Kids Matching Game: Kids Matching Game, one of my favorite puzzle app on the Kindle Store, and a favorite among my students! It is a very exciting and challenging game for children ages 3-7. Will you help your child discover more than just the matching game? No mystery scenarios? No tricky clues? No child would prefer this version over the Crayola version!

      I have to admit that I am the child who likes simple and straightforward games. Whether it’s giving them challenges and measuring their progress, or designing a story game such as the ones I wrote here or here, or teaching them basic skills in a way that a child does not feel like they are being short-changed.

      Direct, no-frills versions are also important to me because of the levels of play. Using the same type of puzzles for ages 3-6 years and for ages 7-14 years can be tricky because a child asks questions about the puzzles.

      I often have students/ players from ages 3-8 years in a room playing together at the same time. When there is a wide age range, you need to make sure there is a kind of “levels” so that everyone can find something for them.

      As I said, a design of a game that is geared to children ages 3-7 is crucial. Some children ask for a clarifier, which could mean a question or a picture that students need to answer to move on to the next stage. We all have questions, but we need a roundabout. The child does not necessarily need to say who is the mischievous wolf or who is the fox in the tower.

      Let’s look at two different versions of our favorite game.

      Crayola version:

      In the Crayola version, there are a total of 12 step stages. Each stage is comprised of 10 puzzles. There is no question or hint. The puzzles progress more quickly in each stage and the puzzles get easier once the previous ones have been solved. The child can walk back and forth to complete the puzzles. Each step is very short, but making sure each stage is short will help in progress more quickly. There is no picture asking whether the wolf or the fox in the tower is the mischievous creature.

      If students get confused, they ask, “Which wolf is the bad one?” and I say,


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      The Game is based on a retro WW 1 air plane graphics engine that keeps the many
      new features of modern graphic engine and upgrade the game graphics to the highest
      quality of WW 1 air plane graphics: As you can see here the airplanes have propellers
      while the airplanes were using wings, the engine and the fuel for the air takes place in
      the back.
      You can see the actual WW 1 airplanes in almost all the levels that made this game unique.
      There are some detailed buildings in the levels but not many as in the time, it is very
      difficult to make such amount of accurate buildings in graphic engines of that time.
      You can travel in the levels and change the weather and circumstances.
      Yes, weather effects!
      In the campaign levels we have day, night and foggy weather conditions.
      In the map / 3 mission levels the weather is always sunny.
      There is not much differences between missions but you can choose a different level on
      requesting difficulty levels.
      If you don’t like the weather effects, the rain, the water and the fog, you can skip the
      weather in the campaign levels.
      New WW 1 airplanes will be released in near future.
      So stay tuned!
      This games use third party assets that may be subject to copyright, trademark or
      patent of third parties.
      All rights reserved.
      Thanks to our backers on our patreon:
      Thanks to our patreon on Patreon-list:

      Thanks to our patrons:
      Thomas Meyer –
      James lindblad –
      Let’s not forget to honor our supporters on this list:
      Todd Herron –
      Kory Robertson –
      Tereze Szentmiklossy –
      Earl DeMarse –
      The game was supported by Google with a “Game” for Android game money.
      Google has no involvement in the production of the game.
      The game was supported by FreeYourGame (www.FreeYourGame.org).


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    Long unappreciated as a restaurant, Monday at Nö-Ye have been a shopping day. That’s because a part of the Houston Press Food Hall is host to a three-day pop-up drinking wonderland, where high-end wines from California just got cheaper for customers who drink at The Press.

    According to the website for the Tex-Mex-themed drinking experience, which debuted last summer at the Press Food Hall, Monday through Wednesdays, local restaurants serve up a $12 punch made up of drinks designed by East Texas restaurants.

    We stopped in to the first day of The North’s Monday homage to West Coast wines. It was also the first day to nab a spot at a counter, giving us the best possible view of the communal table, and a front window into some of the tapestry styles in local restaurants.

    We started off the day with a tasting menu-sized selection of Pommeau, a sangria-inspired cocktail set to a playlist of Bizet and Haydn by local bargoer Christopher Chandler of Primary Mates.

    The cocktail is made up of a lush spiced pear pommeau infused with Scotch, Carpano, a California orange juice, and tequila. The palate-cleanser was fluffy and slightly sweet, with just the right effervescence and unctuousness that balance the merlot sparkling wine.

    It’s just one of dozens of new drinks that have been popping up at Nö-Ye — something that local restaurateurs Ruben and Kathi Martinez want to continue in 2017. The two owns the Press Food Hall, but their obviously contain several of the best concepts for unique drinking experiences in Houston. (Future plans for Nö-Ye include the opening of a full restaurant in the area.)

    The Tex-Mex motto on the door is not a mistake — it’s a wink to north-of-the-border social experimentation. “Mexican restaurants have come up with many new drinks,” Kathi said. “But we wanted to create a drink that was traditional



    System Requirements For Sim 4K VR MediaPlayer:

    Intel HD Graphics 630 (NVidia: GeForce GTX 950, AMD: Radeon R9 270) or better.
    Intel HD Graphics 620 (NVidia: GeForce GTX 960, AMD: Radeon R9 280) or better.
    Intel HD Graphics 515 (NVidia: GeForce GTX 950 Ti, AMD: Radeon R9 380) or better.
    Intel HD Graphics 400 (NVidia: GeForce GTX 960, AMD: Radeon R9 280X) or better.
    AMD Radeon HD 7970 (NVidia: GeForce GTX 980, AMD


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