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Slicer Plugin Sketchup Download 16

Download the plugin [see note above] to your Plugins folder and run it. You will now have a new icon in your SketchUp Window which gives you a range of options. This includes:

Saving slices

Downloading/Slice model

Using the plugin you can choose to save slices from any model loaded into SketchUp. Choose an area you want to save and click Save. This will create a mesh file in any format your slicer (e.g. slic3r) can import, ideally you’d want to save using the correct object type and export as an.obj file.

While your model is still open in SketchUp, select the laser cutter and open the Printer’s window. Note the File Name for the new file. This will be what will be saved by the slicer. The filename should be full of numbers. Make sure the File format is OBJ. Yati is a great open-source slicing software.

Navigate to the folder where you saved your 3D model. Open a terminal and navigate to this folder. Run the command find. -iname slicer in the terminal. This will locate all the slicer files and put them on the list. Select the slicer you want and extract it.

The extension of the file should be.obj. Double click the file to open it up in your slicer. To load the file, you should be able to see the 3D model on the left hand side of your slicer. All the nodes and all the pieces of the model should be there. If the model isn’t there check you have the correct 3D model file and check you have extracted it. You can also load the model if you saved it in the wrong extension, however there isn’t much you can do if the model isn’t there. You can also press Ctrl + C to clear the nodes. You can also change the settings for the slicer if you like. For more information press Ctrl + F in the slicer and you will get a preview of the model.









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