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AutoCAD User Overview

The following is a brief overview of AutoCAD’s various functions and commands. For detailed information, refer to the specific AutoCAD Reference manual.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter the AutoCAD keyboard shortcut commands: Use the Command button in the upper-left corner of the ribbon to move to each command, or press the letter associated with that command, for more information.


Use the Toolbox in the upper-right corner of the window to open a drop-down menu of many of the available tools to get specific information about the command.

Context-sensitive Tips and Help

The InfoTip window displays icons in the tooltips that indicate how the command will behave in specific situations.

AutoCAD commands follow a set of conventions for easy identification.

The bold typeface at the beginning of a command signifies the name of the command; this typeface is also used in other types of documents throughout AutoCAD to differentiate it from other commands.

The command’s description starts with the underlined typeface, this typeface is unique to commands and is used to distinguish them from any text that may follow.

Many commands use an ampersand (&) to indicate that the preceding command will run automatically if no input is entered or if the input is false. For example, if you open the View menu and click on Zoom Extents, AutoCAD will automatically zoom in to the current active Extents window, which is generally a large rectangle that displays all the current drawing entities.

Command Name Description AMPLIFY Amplifies the

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Forms (cited as of Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen 2007)
Autodesk has released the AutoCAD Forms technology which allows developers to write AutoCAD forms and subforms. This technology was developed with the objective of making it easy for designers to create new capabilities. The forms technology allows one to build a series of editor controls into a form. Each form has subforms. A subform is simply a control that can be embedded in another control in a form. The AutoCAD Forms technology is used to build a simple line of business application. Using the form technology, developers can create user interfaces that use built-in controls or customized components. One can also use the same application to create rich UI for rich enterprise applications.

AutoCAD Fireworks

The AutoCAD Fireworks technology enables users to make responsive designs faster than ever with new prototyping and collaborative tools. Fireworks is a non-linear product design tool for creating graphics, animations, videos, and interactive prototypes that are built around a broad set of layers and components that can be stacked, connected, and resized with flexible interaction techniques. Users can create and manipulate graphics at any scale from traditional art, print, and web graphics all the way to sophisticated data visualizations. Additionally, Fireworks makes it simple to collaborate with others on graphics to create prototypes and share real-time feedback.


The Brushes tool is a set of shape, text, and effect brushes for retouching and painting that can be used with the Painting tool. Brushes are available in 16-, 24-, and 32-bit bitmap file formats and in addition to standard Photoshop and Illustrator file formats. Brushes have a set of rendering preferences for line width, stroke color, stroke width, and other parameters. The Brushes tool can also be used with the new art board feature of Autodesk Revit. It is also one of the options available in the new painting tool within Autodesk 3ds Max. The New Generation of Brushes offers intuitive and user-friendly tools for painting and retouching, such as soft painting, soft cloning, effects, and masks.


In AutoCAD 2009 and earlier releases, the Bugs feature was built into AutoCAD LT, which included a cross-platform version of BugTracker. This tool was not made available in the Macintosh version of the software or through Autodesk’s AutoCAD Online subscription service. Bugs feature in Auto

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Go to the folder where you downloaded the EXE and run it.

In the Software Installation window, the Installation was successful.

Now, return to the main window and start Autodesk Autocad.

Now, follow the instructions to import the template.

Now, Export the rendering to DWG format and save it.

Send the DWG file to the client.

Receive the payment from the client and when the payment is cleared then send the invoice.

Send the Invoice to the client and after receiving the Payment the rendering and the invoice can be delivered to the client.

We hope that you have understood the process of using Template tool in Autodesk Autocad. If you have any question or issue in using this tool then please comment below.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Draw directly on top of drawings, graphs, and other objects, using the newly introduced Markup menu. Change existing objects or draw new ones, without starting a new drawing. (video: 1:57 min.)

A new window lets you quickly import a drawing into AutoCAD, including 2D and 3D drawings and drawings saved on mobile devices.

Raster and vector graphics:

Save drawings as DWG, DXF, JPG, and PNG formats, or as PDF files. Easily navigate and view between different versions of your drawings. (video: 1:35 min.)

Save objects as template layers, which can be reused across drawings and designs. You can easily create and manage multiple, alternative versions of a drawing, and you can view the layers you create in the Layer Manager or as a layer stack.

Save your drawings as DXF templates, which save as two layers, including one that contains the drawing. You can easily change the saved DXF template to a different drawing or a different drawing that uses the same template. (video: 2:16 min.)

Import or export AutoCAD drawings to native OS file formats.


Save drawings as DXF or SVG files.

Save as mobile format, which includes JPG and PNG files, and zipped folder with DWG, DXF, JPG, and PNG files.

Save drawings to PDF.

Snap to lines or shapes.

Create scalable vector graphics, with preserved strokes and rounded corners.

Edit existing text using the AutoCAD Text Editor, instead of using the Text Editor tool in the toolbox.

Create and edit design specifications using a new Workflow Wizard.

Add and edit comments, draw complex mechanical components, and share with others, using the Comments tool.

Use Dimensions. Calculate dimensions from measured parts.

Receive and send comments and queries in an instant, via a new Comments management tool.

Change your default font.

Show the full spectrum of colors in your drawings.

Export drawings for use on an app, including mobile devices.

Introducing AutoCAD for ARM devices.

Call the customer service center with the following phone numbers. (U.S. only.)



System Requirements:

Supported Video Cards:
AMD Radeon RX 5xx series (OpenCL 2.0).
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 1080, 1060, and 1060 Max-Q
Max. resolution: 4096 x 2160 (4K),
min. resolution: 2560 x 1440 (2K),
< Nvidia GTX 750 Ti OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8/8.1 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit (Must be current; will not work with Service Pack 1) CPU: Dual-core

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Mostly used for drafting, design, and data processing, AutoCAD is commonly used in architecture and engineering, as well as in home improvement and construction. Recently, the software has been used in filmmaking and visual effects for VFX (a.k.a. visual effects, computer-generated imagery, or CG) because it is a fully-featured CAD application.

About AutoCAD

1. CAD Programs

AutoCAD is used for creating 2D drawings such as architectural plans, technical schematics, floor plans, electrical schematics, plumbing schematics, and blueprints. The software offers several drawing types to suit different industries and purposes, including architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, and construction. In addition to engineering, the software is used to create and print 2D documents, 2D vector graphics (vector graphics are graphics that are comprised of a set of points or curves and are stored in computer memory as a vector image), and 3D designs.

2. Key Features

2D Drafting Tools:

Key Features – 2D

Architectural Plans:

Architectural Plans – Interior Architectural Plans Architectural Plans

Automotive Plans:

Automotive Plans – Blueprinting – AutoCAD – Tutorials

Build Plans:

Build Plans – Architectural Plans – Building Plans


Drafting – Architectural Plans

Electrical Plans:

Electrical Plans – Power Plan


Engineering – Diagrams

Engineering – Mechanical Schematic

Engineering – Wire Framing

Engineering – Electrical Schematic

Engineering – Office Drawing

Engineering – Shop Drawing

Engineering – Steelwork Drawing

Engineering – Steelwork Drawing – Welding Schedule

Floor Plans:

Floor Plans – Interior Architectural Plans

Mechanical Plans:

Mechanical Plans – Mechanical Schematic

Office Drawings:

Office Drawings – Architectural Plans – Architectural Plans

Power Plans:

Power Plans – Electrical Plans – Electrical Plans

Shop Drawings:

Shop Drawings – Shop Floor Plans

Tract Plans:

Tract Plans – Architectural Plans – Architectural

AutoCAD 2020 23.1

Application programming interfaces
It has built-in programmatic interfaces for many of its features. Autodesk describes the Autodesk Application Programming Interface (API) in the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN).

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The Autodesk Architectural Desktop is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that is available on PC and Mac. It is used for the construction and development of AutoCAD and several other Autodesk software packages. Architectural Desktop allows the user to work in the context of a project, collaborate with other users, and co-author and review design files. The architectural desktop supports various source-code environments: Visual Studio, C++, Java, and.NET.

Graphical user interface
In Autodesk Architectural Desktop, the user interface for creating drawings is very similar to that in AutoCAD. This is available in Architectural Desktop and there are no separate environments or tools for creating architectural drawings.

In Autodesk Architectural Desktop, any file can be annotated with the features that are familiar from AutoCAD. Annotations can be used to identify and identify key points, locations, lines, and planes, as well as to identify columns, columns and beams, beams and roofs, and more. A series of web annotations can be created, which is a series of one or more annotations placed on a drawing that are connected by lines or curved surfaces. This is a simpler, more dynamic way to model complex structures and could be used, for example, to show construction progression, to make a series of annotations to model a roof as it is framed, or to show a space planning system.

Rendering is available within Autodesk Architectural Desktop, enabling the user to view a project from multiple points of view.

Modeling and review
Although Architectural Desktop is not primarily designed as a model management and review environment, there are many powerful tools in Architectural Desktop that can be used for this purpose. In the main menu there is a project management sub-menu where many of the project management tools are available, including creating schedules and events, commenting on parts of the drawing, and managing comments. Commenting on parts of the drawing can be used to organize comments or to mark up areas to be discussed when the project is reviewed.

There is also a review section in Architectural Desktop that supports creating and hosting a live review of a project. The review can be used to discuss changes in the model

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Open the designer and place the bevel cut files on the edge of the right square.

Select Edit > Transform > Z scale. Go to 400 and enter a scale of 0.75 and turn on Cut.

Select Edit > Transform > Mirror. Select the Mirror option and click the Apply button.

In this case the bevel cut files are on the other side of the right square. Select Edit > Transform > Z scale. Go to 400 and enter a scale of -0.75 and turn on Cut.

Select Edit > Transform > Mirror. Select the Mirror option and click the Apply button.

Open the bevel cut files in Photoshop
Open Adobe Photoshop and select the top layer. From the top menu select Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection. Make sure to mask the grey areas of the bevel cut files.
Open the bevel cut files in Illustrator
Open Adobe Illustrator and select the top layer. From the top menu select Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection. Make sure to mask the grey areas of the bevel cut files.


Object > Path > Extents

Selected object:
Image > Adjustments > Expand

Alt + click on active selection:
Image > Adjustments > Feather

Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection


Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection

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What’s New in the?

New Markup Assist features:

Meaningful (and accurate) context-sensitive feedback

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) feedback

Templates for common shapes and symbols

Add space for captions, annotations, and notes

All-new markup symbols

Trim/cancel/undo with just a click

Use audio and video clips, and annotate your designs

View work-in-progress on two new surfaces, DraftPad and YouTab


Save only what you need

Make and edit views with a single click

Group objects by type, and create a new object from scratch

Cut, copy, paste, and move objects with just a click

New draft view

Faster 3D:

Work with DWG files in the CAD workspace, simultaneously with in CAD. Create a new draft view when you need it, export to DWG, or use your DWG files in CAD.

Work with DWG files in the CAD workspace, simultaneously with in CAD. Create a new draft view when you need it, export to DWG, or use your DWG files in CAD.

One-click import to DWG files

Use a common CAD workspace with your team

Additional CAD features:

Work with other CAD systems, such as OpenCascade™, as a CAD system and a CAD component

Support for additional CAD standards, including VDA, STEP, Parasolid, and Level A

Standardized CAD file naming conventions

Dynamically load and save CAD files

Editor extensions:

Freehand drawing, tight and easy-to-use

Intuitive enhancements to existing features

Optional, quick-access menus

Attach DWG, DXF, and SVG files to objects

SketchUp, a new user interface

Use the new SketchUp® Inspector

Use the new SketchUp® Editor extensions

Work with built-in SketchUp® Viewer, on new, all-new surfaces

Improvements in all areas of the application:

Speed and responsiveness

Easier navigation and faster tool selection

Workflow enhancements

Moviemaker and Video Plus, new robust editing tools

Always on:

Immediate feedback, with users-first development

System Requirements:

1. For Windows 7 or later versions:
Intel® Core™ i3 processor or later (or AMD equivalent)
1GB memory
30GB hard disk space
1GHz or faster processor speed
Windows Vista or later versions:
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor or later (or AMD equivalent)
1GHz or faster graphics card
Dual monitors
15″ or larger display
2. For Mac OS

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AutoCAD is a single-user or multi-user drawing application. It is developed for the personal computer (PC) platform. AutoCAD is capable of displaying and editing 2D and 3D objects. It is an industry-standard, built-in workstation for designing and visualizing mechanical and architectural drawings.

AutoCAD can be used to design, develop, and run software applications. The user interface has not changed much since the first versions of AutoCAD. The interface is divided into three main sections:

1. The drawing area, where the user draws objects.

2. The toolbars, where the user selects and activates drawing tools.

3. The status bar, which displays the drawing status.

AutoCAD is built on the Windows 3.1 platform. AutoCAD for Windows users are required to download and install the latest version of the AutoCAD software.

The AutoCAD software is distributed in a single-user or multi-user version. Single-user versions are limited to the home, office, or personal use of a single person. Multi-user versions allow one or more users to share a design, review, or update. Multi-user versions can also allow multiple users to work on the same file at the same time.

Multi-user versions can be installed on a single computer or across multiple computers (a network). Multiple computers can be installed with a common AutoCAD account or on separate computers, with separate accounts.

AutoCAD is designed to provide the user with a single-application interface for drafting, engineering, and modeling design. It has evolved into a very sophisticated software package, including thousands of features and capabilities.

Not all features are available in the single-user version. Features such as parametric constraints and specialized workflows are available only when the multi-user version is installed.

Standard Features

The primary goal of AutoCAD is to allow the user to draw and edit any type of design. The standard features of AutoCAD include:

1. The ability to produce a 2D drawing.

2. The ability to manage and edit the drawing.

3. The ability to insert, place, or link new objects.

4. The ability to view the drawing.

5. The ability to analyze the drawing.

AutoCAD 20.0 Full Version [2022]

Source code

AutoCAD 2022 Crack’s native object code is available to all registered users of AutoCAD LT. A small amount of the code is also open sourced as part of the AutoCAD source code repository.

Version history
The following is a list of the major releases of AutoCAD.

See also
Comparison of CAD editors for Linux
Comparison of CAD editors for macOS
Comparison of 3D modeling editors
Comparison of CAD editors for Windows
Comparison of CAD editors for Windows
Comparison of BIM tools
List of free and open-source software packages


Further reading

External links

Category:Computer-aided design software for Linux
Category:Computer-aided design software for Windows
Category:Free software programmed in C++
Category:Free vector graphics editors
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AutoCAD 20.0 [Win/Mac]

Run the script and follow the instructions.

Copy the executable file to a folder in your desktop.
Go to the folder and double click on the executable file.

Run the script in terminal:


Run the script in terminal:


For more information about this Autodesk Autocad I suggest you to check the Autodesk Autocad article.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The Markup Assistant and the Markup Import tool in AutoCAD 2023 make it easy to import markup from several file formats. Now you can import freely-formatted text and objects in files such as Word, Writer, Scrivener, and FrameMaker, as well as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. You can also import objects from PDF, Flash, or XAML files, and from a range of other formats. Importing these files enables you to build on existing designs and easily maintain and update them.

Markup Assist

Workflow improvements and enhanced visualization for complex files:

Revise your design while in AutoCAD. Now you can create multiple, concurrent, and simultaneous views of your project’s geometric and parametric data in separate windows. (video: 1:23 min.)

You can view multiple views of your design at once without switching to a new drawing. See the side-by-side view of shapes and dimensions, or adjust the view for an ideal orientation. You can switch between a selected view and the original model.

Faster manipulation of complex files. The new Markup Assistant in AutoCAD 2023 enables you to perform common tasks more quickly than before. Markup Assist can support files with thousands of objects and millions of lines and blocks. (video: 1:18 min.)

Markup Assist makes it easy to edit imported geometry and text as you create and save your design. The software also removes superfluous elements from imported data, such as the outermost bounding box or placement constraints.

Markup Import

Expose and view your imported objects:

Now, objects from imported files are automatically exposed in the 3D space. In addition, you can use 3D snap in AutoCAD to lock objects into position, making it easy to align imported parts with the current drawing. (video: 1:20 min.)

Use 3D snap to define a common coordinate system for all imported objects in the current drawing. Drag an imported object to another location in the model, and its geometry appears in the 3D space, automatically positioned relative to the original model. You can then manually position the object in the new location. (video: 1:13 min.)

The imported objects appear in the 3D space, and the program uses the closest snap location to display the geometry. You can also set snap preferences for newly imported objects.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or later.
Processor: Intel or AMD Pentium 4-compatible.
Memory: 256 MB of RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card with 256 MB of VRAM
DirectX 9-compatible video card with 256 MB of VRAM Sound: An audio device with hardware or software mixing capabilities
Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows Vista SP1 or later.
Processor: Intel or AMD Core i3-compatible.

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August 11, 2022

Equipped with the right applications, a computer can be of great help in virtually any domain of activity. When it comes to designing and precision, no other tool is as accurate as a computer. Moreover, specialized applications such as AutoCAD give you the possibility to design nearly anything ranging from art, to complex mechanical parts or even buildings.
Suitable for business environments and experienced users
After a decent amount of time spent installing the application on your system, you are ready to fire it up. Thanks to the office suite like interface, all of its features are cleverly organized in categories. At a first look, it looks easy enough to use, but the abundance of features it comes equipped with leaves room for second thoughts.
Create 2D and 3D objects
You can make use of basic geometrical shapes to define your objects, as well as draw custom ones. Needless to say that you can take advantage of a multitude of tools that aim to enhance precision. A grid can be enabled so that you can easily snap elements, as well as adding anchor points to fully customize shapes.
With a little imagination and patience on your behalf, nearly anything can be achieved. Available tools allow you to create 3D objects from scratch and have them fully enhanced with high-quality textures. A powerful navigation pane is put at your disposal so that you can carefully position the camera to get a clearer view of the area of interest.
Various export possibilities
Similar to a modern web browser, each project is displayed in its own tab. This comes in handy, especially for comparison views. Moreover, layouts and layers also play important roles, as it makes objects handling a little easier.
Sine the application is not the easiest to carry around, requiring a slightly sophisticated machine to properly run, there are several export options put at your disposal so that the projects itself can be moved around.
Aside from the application specific format, you can save as an image file of multiple types, PDF, FBX and a few more. Additionally, it can be sent via email, directly printed out on a sheet of paper, or even sent to a 3D printing service, if available.
To end with
All in all, AutoCAD remains one of the top applications used by professionals to achieve great precision with projects of nearly any type. It encourages usage with incredible offers for student licenses so you get acquainted with its abundance of features early on. A lot can be said about what it can and can't do, but the true surprise lies in discovering it step-by-step.









AutoCAD 19.1 Crack+ X64

AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version started out as a simple drafting tool, gradually evolving to become the industry standard for computer-aided architectural design. With versions that incorporate features of a BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, AutoCAD can be used to create building-design models.

AutoCAD features:

The program was designed to make drafting and drawing quick and easy. Version 12 of the program, released in 2001, included touch screen support, allowing for much quicker navigation and object manipulation. The latest AutoCAD releases, however, are no longer touch screen compatible.

Integration with the cloud enables users to access their drawings and collaborate with others in real time. In addition, its geographic information system (GIS) capability means that the software can be used for map-making, contouring and visualization.

Tools include linework (lines and arcs) and parametric drawing tools (polylines, splines, profiles, spline profiles and hatch patterns) for drawing 2D and 3D objects. These tools support the creation of solid and surface objects.

Autocad also supports customizing and publishing drawings.

In addition to being a design tool, AutoCAD is a parametric, linked editing program, meaning that all parts of the drawing are related to the entire drawing. For example, AutoCAD enables the creation of standard, specific and custom objects. These objects include buildings, furniture, objects, structures and components.

The latest AutoCAD release, 2016, includes all of the features of earlier AutoCAD releases, as well as features such as easier workflow and feedback from the cloud.

If you are considering purchasing the AutoCAD software, you should be aware of the number of licenses you will need. AutoCAD 2016 is available as a standalone app, which means that it is not incorporated into a larger product, such as a design package or a web publishing package. AutoCAD is also available in the cloud and on the Web.

Table of contents


There are many AutoCAD versions, but here are the different license types:

The Essentials: A single-user license for one computer. This license includes access to AutoCAD 2016 or earlier.

Essentials Plus: This license is the same as the Essentials license plus access to AutoCAD Web App (formerly AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD R2010).

AutoCAD 19.1 Crack+ Incl Product Key

user-defined commands
AutoCAD Download With Full Crack 2016 added a new programming language, AutoLISP, which replaced the Visual LISP programming language which had been available in earlier AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version versions. This programming language was never fully supported by AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack developers and users due to lack of adequate documentation, limited training and licensing restrictions.

AutoLISP is a script-based programming language (like a macros language) for creating features in AutoCAD Product Key that execute when a drawing is opened. AutoLISP programmers can make changes in the drawing while it is still closed. An example of an AutoLISP program is a button that opens a specific drawing and opens that drawing using a command. AutoLISP is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Also in AutoCAD 2016, there is no longer an ability to create an add-on application that integrates into the product. The AutoCAD Developers Group recommends third-party, cross-platform development solutions.


AutoCAD 2010, the first AutoCAD release for Windows, included an “Extend” feature which allowed users to create their own drawing extension. This technology was first introduced in AutoCAD 2000 as “Plug-ins”. These extensions allowed the creation of other file formats and saved as project files.

AutoCAD 2010 introduced the “Extend” feature for drawing-related applications, which allowed custom functionality to be built by the AutoCAD user community and to be added to the product. This functionality was grouped into separate projects which could be installed on top of the product. An example of this functionality is the ability to build a timeline that includes durations.

AutoCAD 2010 brought back the “Draw-on-Press” feature to computer-aided design (CAD) software. In CAD software, creating and editing drawings can be a lengthy and often frustrating process. The press-and-hold feature allowed users to more quickly create and modify drawings and project files. However, in 2010, AutoCAD received criticism for how it handled users who utilized “Draw-on-Press”. As a result, in 2011, the company reverted the method of how this feature worked in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2010 introduced an updated drawing and information exchange specification called DXF 2.5. DXF stands for Data exchange formats. The new version of DXF enables information to be shared between users in ways which were not possible in earlier versions.

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1. Open Autocad, click on Create > Create drawing and double click on New Drawing.
2. Click New, select Autocad Template and click OK.
3. Select Autocad Template.
4. Set the drawing scale to 100%, enter **** as the name and enter **PASSWORD** as the password. Click OK.
5. Choose the top horizontal line as the baseline and click Align.
6. Click the baseline.
7. Click Properties and set Align to top edge.
8. Click OK.
9. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
10. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
11. Select the bottom horizontal line and click Align.
12. Click the baseline.
13. Click Properties and set Align to top edge.
14. Click OK.
15. Click the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
16. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
17. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
18. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
19. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
20. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
21. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
22. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
23. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
24. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
25. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
26. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
27. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
28. Click Line Type > Double-Hooked and enter **1 1** for the height.
29. Select the Line style (dash pattern) and click Line Styles.
30. Click Line Type > Double-H

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Object tools have been added that are based on your 3D model: Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Align and Parallel Project. (video: 5:09 min.)

Modeling tools like Bevel, Fillet, Hatch and Stencil have been completely redesigned to make them faster and more intuitive. (video: 3:14 min.)

Faster router plane cut edges and surface edges in construction. (video: 2:28 min.)

The next-generation GPU programming model enables faster and more accurate rendering of high-resolution images, enabling higher-quality images than before. (video: 2:49 min.)

Design-Time Drawing Preview:

Preview your design in full-screen mode and adjust the view as you work, before you start drawing. (video: 1:41 min.)

You can use the Share menu to connect to the cloud and collaborate on designs. (video: 3:18 min.)

Project and data files can be opened and modified on the cloud. (video: 4:21 min.)

Bamboo Pen:

Bamboo pens can be used with a pressure-sensitive or force-sensitive stylus. (video: 1:32 min.)

AutoCAD can recognize the input of the stylus and its pressure and tilt for commands such as text, rectangle, line, polyline, arc and circle. (video: 2:24 min.)

Drawing and painting in the right mouse button menu. The right-mouse button menu can be used to lock the screen or perform a number of other actions. (video: 4:11 min.)

Dragging designs can be more intuitive using a Bamboo pen than the mouse, since pen mode can be selected during dragging. (video: 3:22 min.)

Custom backgrounds and pens can be easily changed. (video: 3:10 min.)


Inkcanvas has been improved to display and interact with ink more easily and effectively.

The inkcanvas tool for drawing ink has been expanded to feature pen modes.

The inkcanvas can be used to draw text and annotations.

The inkcanvas can be used to make new ink layers that can be saved and shared with others.

The inkcanvas can be used with pressure-sensitive and force-sensitive pens. (

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2GHz
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive: 3GB
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Internet connection
PS3® controller
Processor: 2.2GHz or 2.4GHz
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive: 4GB
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible

AutoCAD Crack Product Key Full

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AutoCAD Crack Product Key (Latest)

AutoCAD Torrent Download is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application. Developed and marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. Before AutoCAD was introduced, most commercial CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal. AutoCAD is also available as mobile and web apps.

The program has been upgraded and changed over the years and today, there are various editions, extensions, and flavors of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Features

The primary functionality of AutoCAD is to design, document, and edit 2D architectural and mechanical drawings of any size, in any industry. AutoCAD is able to create architectural drawings in 2D, 3D, and 3D Revit format. AutoCAD is a cross-platform application that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The following is a list of AutoCAD’s most important features:

Line and Arc Filters: Filters help you select only the lines you want to work with. Arc filters show all arcs you need, not just the ones you selected.

Filters help you select only the lines you want to work with. Arc filters show all arcs you need, not just the ones you selected. Drafting & Designing Tools : In the drawing window, you have many editing tools to modify your lines, including the Arc, Diameter, Rectangle, 3D, and 3D Revit tools.

: In the drawing window, you have many editing tools to modify your lines, including the Arc, Diameter, Rectangle, 3D, and 3D Revit tools. Interiors & Exteriors : With tools to work on walls, doors, windows, and more, AutoCAD is designed to help you with the design and detailing process.

: With tools to work on walls, doors, windows, and more, AutoCAD is designed to help you with the design and detailing process. Geometry Design: AutoCAD helps you create 2D and 3D objects.

AutoCAD helps you create 2D and 3D objects. Interaction: AutoCAD provides many tools to interact with AutoCAD, and can be a great help when you are trying to figure out a tricky path.

AutoCAD Crack+ Free Download [Updated-2022]

When AutoCAD Crack Free Download is run from the command line, a separate program called the Workbench is launched which provides the user interface to AutoCAD. It also executes commands and provides access to AutoCAD API functions.

API functions
AutoCAD has two classes for API functions. One class is marked as “extern” and the other is not. The first class is for functions that only exist in the Windows environment and are specific to the AutoCAD product. The second class is the more generic “System”, where the functions are generally platform-independent.

Not exported
• Window functions: Window, WindowList, GroupWindow, and SetDefaultWindow
• User interface functions: ShowTutorial, ShowTutorialEdit, PopupMenu, WindowToolbars, PositionToolbar, and InitToolbar
• SetAutoDimensions and GetAutoDimension functions
• SetPalette, which loads the default palette and changes palette colors
• GetPaletteRGB, which returns the palette in RGB format
• SetPaletteRGB, which changes the palette and returns the RGB color values for the palette colors
• LoadPalette
• GetPaletteName and SetPaletteName
• GetPalette
• GetLineCap
• GetLineJoin
• GetLineStyle
• GetColor
• GetFont
• GetTextFormat
• GetComplexTextFormat
• GetClipping
• GetClippingMode
• GetClipping
• GetClipMode
• GetClipMode
• GetClip
• GetTextRotation
• GetTextRotationDirection
• GetTextHorizontalAlignment
• SetTextHorizontalAlignment
• GetTextHorizontalAlignment
• GetTextVerticalAlignment
• SetTextVerticalAlignment
• GetTextAlignment
• SetTextAlignment
• GetTextAlignment
• GetTextOffset
• SetTextOffset
• GetAlignmentDirectionalAngle
• GetAlignmentHorizontalAngle
• GetAlignmentVerticalAngle
• GetAlignmentHorizontalOffset
• SetAlignmentDirectionalAngle
• SetAlignmentHorizontalAngle
• SetAlignmentVerticalAngle
• SetAlignmentHorizontalOffset
• GetAngleDirection
• GetAngleDirection
• GetAngle
• SetAngle
• SetAngleDirection


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import/Export Layout

Create, manage, and maintain your own custom CAD layouts in ModelSpace. (video: 4:45 min.)

Context Sensitive Editing

Streamline workflow with the new way to edit your drawings. (video: 1:22 min.)

Task Based Commands

See how your drawings are created with new Task Based Commands. (video: 1:50 min.)

Tools and Features

Create a 360° interior or exterior 3D view with Dynamic 2D Views.


Bring the AutoCAD functionality of AutoCAD to Revit.


Take your application development to the next level with AutoCAD Visual Basic Add-in.


Bring AutoCAD to any mobile device.

Windows Forms

Create applications in both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Multi-Document Editing

Create multiple drawings for more consistent and efficient design.

Project Management

Easily manage and track your projects with a new task-based project management experience.

Model-based Drawing

Quickly view, modify, and edit your model from the drawing environment.

Multi-Channel Dimensioning

Join and label different sections of your drawing, such as walls, beams, columns, and so on, easily.

Speed Changes

Adjust the default settings for how quickly you can create objects, styles, and layers.

Operations Center

Access useful tools and assistance for technical support from the new Operations Center.

Conceptual Design

Turn your ideas into designs, quickly and efficiently.

Geometry and Features

Roughly cut and smooth geometry, directly within the drawing environment.

Geometry History

Organize your changes to geometry and seamlessly recover and redraw the geometry.

Live Part Set

Replace a body part with a preexisting geometry that will automatically be rotated and moved to the new location.

Improved BIM Support

Create or modify components in your BIM file from within your drawing.

External Content Interaction

Keep your content in sync with existing or future external files.

Revit Export and Import

Share your drawings and drawings in Revit.

Brush with Curves and Polylines

System Requirements:

Windows OS: 10 64-bit
Mac OS: 10.10.0 or later
Android: OS 4.0 or later
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Added Evolve-Umbrella Pack
Added Evolve-Gloves Pack
Added Evolve-Belt Pack
Added Evolve-Glove Unlock Pack
Added Evolve-Dance Unlock Pack
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