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Taste 2013 Korean Movie Subtitle PATCHED 🤟🏻


Taste 2013 Korean Movie Subtitle

i know it is bizarre to refer to a random korean scene as heist cinema, but the whole movie is weird like that. the heist here is a fortuitous event that sets into motion a chain of events resulting in a heap of pointless mayhem, a dramatic climax and two stories ranging from unbalanced to outright ridiculous. but these bizarre things go together like a bong-load of drugs, because the movie seems to be saying (or maybe just thinking) that we get too much of a good thing by enjoying all the little heists along the way.

and before you go calling me a jagoff who just can’t make up his mind, you would need to look at the chinese box i came from and what it has taught me. sure, i grew up in america, but i have all the same prejudices and biases as a korean who’s grown up here, not in south korea. the cultural dichotomy in comparison just shows the inherent cultural war between these two worlds. people need to respect that, if only to avoid ending up in a similar situation. otherwise, we are headed for an america v. south korea war.

so, whaddaya know? i actually liked this movie! im a sucker for the quick-on-its-feet action scenes and this one is not short of that. nor does it feel like a science fiction or fantasy movie. it’s just a riot.

my only problem with it is that it plays it far too safe. its comedic potential is limited by how much fun it was to watch the koreans make fights break out like this was a professional wrestling event. thats not to say there isn’t room for a little more pathos, just that the setup got a little tedious after a while. i would have liked to see a scene where one of the villains turns out to be a female-humanoid-predator (instead of just bitchy red-headed passive-aggressive genius) where jin-ho and the other men have to race against time to outmaneuver her.

i don’t know if its cruel, or just traditional, but this movie is preoccupied with decorating your body with labels like this is beer, this is aids, this is a villain. none of that is meant to be satire, which is a relief because it is so tiresome. there’s a reason why eating a six-pack of beer in one sitting is called a six-pack, you know? finally, somebody with more substance than all the yelling gangsters put their unique spin on this.
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