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Terra Nova Season 1 Complete 480p WEB DL 19

This hesitance to involve the Federation (which is not technically their “government”) is utterly curious. This is a world where Terra Nova was a colonial project from one day to the next. If the Federation were going to save them, they should have done so immediately. Im curious if there will be repercussions; for one, the president of the United Federation of Planets might want to know how the Federation failed to stop the Corporate Army, and why it was so far from Earth. Secondly, the Federation could just be delaying to create an opening to escape the resistance.

If so, there is another thing that should inspire audiences to wonder: where is the Federation? While we see no evidence that the Federation wants anything to do with Terra Nova, the Federation is, amazingly, too big to fail. We have a government that covers a planet of seven billion people. Terra Nova represents about 1,500th of that population. In terms of military might, the UFP is probably ranked among the smaller countries in the western hemisphere. Were the Federation. To sum up the episode: people are maimed for life, near-strangers are killed in cold blood, the colonists are vengeful, both on and off the colony, the head of the UFP has his own daughter kidnapped, and the Federation is in the middle of a mutual world war (with all those extra billion people) but can do nothing about it.

Part of why thats happening is what I said earlier. Terra Nova, in contrast to most other current sci-fi shows, is just a palette-cleanser. As stories go, this latest one is slightly less traumatizing than, say, the first season of Syfy’s Defiance. But it’s a deeply-unsettling story nonetheless, in part because everything about it was presented as something that was happening: so, to borrow another Spielbergism, it felt true. Which suggests that the drama might not have been as big a shock to the system as the show itself would have you believe.

The end of the first half of the season is when things actually start getting good. Then, with the second half, Terra Nova starts showing cracks. The first season, everyone wanted to see a glimpse of what the cast was going to look like; a series of glimpses. Terra Nova gets this, but it only delivers more glimpses. This becomes more pronounced when some of the characters are injured, and we only see them in a series of flashbacks. It doesnt go far enough to keep a viewer fully invested, but it gets better in the second half of the season.
From this point on, Terra Nova becomes more and more of a painfully familiar set of story lines. We rejoin the cast, and they are held back from acting like human beings by the necessity to act like human beings for television. It doesnt really help that some of these characters do not really have much personality or charisma outside the pilot episode. The aspect of the pilot that really gets you is Jason O’Mara’s performance. The strength of the cast is less convincing, and the highlights of Terra Nova become more and more painfully familiar. It has the theme of the original series, but unlike that show, it refuses to evolve into something much better than what it was in the pilot. Terra Nova is a good show that should have, when it had the time to work through its premise, the shows it could have been.
How many good shows never get past the pilot episode? I think Terra Nova manages to overcome this. In fact, the pilot is the best show of any of the new shows I have seen so far in 2007. I dont think I have ever seen a cast as good as the cast that is featured in the pilot episode.


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