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Frozen atmosphere, unclear weather and monotonous landscape of the Arctic polar sea. Voyage of a former naval captain, Reni Zymes, through this inhospitable region and terrible winter. A few days ago the old man was rescued by a plane. His comrades always expected him to be dead in the Arctic Ocean. For unknown reasons the plane did not land. Instead it carried him to the north and left him on the way.
Reni Zymes has no idea what is happening, how he got there and where to go. He is thinking of the last days he spent with his wife and daughter. Suddenly, a storm suddenly changes everything, to the contrary of the forecast, it is a warm spring day. Meanwhile, Reni Zymes realizes that all what happened is his own fault. His wife and daughter died because he left them there. Now he has to return to them! The polar sea has got many dangers and obstacles. Only by his quick reflexes can he save himself. Will his captain’s skills and experience be able to help him?
Treis Zoes Soundtrack contains:
5 songs:
“Arctic route”
“Ship of dreams”
“Out of the blue”
“Fool me twice…”
Release Date: 03/18/2019
Size: 32.1 MBQ:

Laravel bulk insert and update into table

I have a web application that is running on Lumen and it’s a database, not a server side application, and I’m getting some real data which are too big to be mass inserted using Laravel DB::insert() and DB::update() methods.
I’m using Laravel 5.4, php 7.1.23, MySQL 5.6.12.
I’ve tried this so far:
$data = explode(‘;’, explode(“;”, $requestedData));

foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
$item = DB::table(‘record’)->where(‘itemId’, $item)->first();
if ($item) {
$item->value = $value;
} else {
DB::insert(‘record’, $value);

The problem is that it has been inserted only


Vengeance: Lost Love Features Key:

  • Android version
  • Online Multiplayer (Game Center, OpenFeint, Adfonic)
  • more than 30 landscapes, 18 quests, less than 300 missions
  • Full weapon, shield and armor enchantments
  • A wide variety of items and optional weapons included


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Gnomes – The Small Yet Powerful Dwarf People
The gnomes are really good at mining, because they always look after their houses and their children. They are also quite clever.
Every gnome has a special ability: In the gnomes’ world of dreams, long and short, the gnome can jump great heights.
They’re quite funny! The gnomes really like to play.
What should you do?
Help the gnomes!
* Game contains in-game purchases
* This game may require internet connectivity to play.
Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service & playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).
Online features may be terminated or service interrupt temporarily suspended at any time.
PlayStation Network: www.playstationnetwork.com/

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Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)

Chinese (Simplified) (Game only)

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Portuguese (Brazil)

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Polish (Polska)


Portuguese (Portugal) (Game only)

Portuguese (Brazil)


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Compatible with PS Vita system and PS3 system

Rated 3.80 out of 5

by Aeonus

3 out of 5

I like that there are gnomes, but, no this game is nothing like the other Fnaf games, i never play Fnaf fnaf 2 because it has nothing in it for me, but I like that there are gnomes, but that sucks that they are pranks. If I wanted to waste my time playing pranks I would play fnaf fnaf 3. There isnt anything special going on with this game, its just a stupid number game thats


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Download This Game’s Original Soundtrack

“I have decided to dedicate my entire life and career to revenge against the man who murdered my family and kidnapped me.” – P.A.R.S. of the Arkion

SCENARIO: AMBUSHThis scenario is designed to give your Space Marine team the chance to inflict massive casualties on a First Blood enemy that has caused you several problems. The enemy forces have ambushed a small patrol on a well-traversed and defended beach. Any further reinforcements are delayed by at least a day. The Space Marine unit tasked with relief of this mission has been reduced to a small number of broken warriors and experienced veterans. It is up to the surviving Space Marine heroes to bring the Firestorm of vengeance to the enemy and emerge victorious once again.

SCENARIO: RETRIBUTIONIn this scenario you will take control of a Space Marine unit that has been ambushed by an Imperial Marine squad. Your enemies are waiting for reinforcements and may have some nasty surprises in store for you. It is up to you to uncover their plans and put an end to their treachery once and for all!

SCENARIO: THE MAN TO CROSSThe entire Moon landscape has been stripped bare, leaving only a network of stalactite-laced caves for the various races to inhabit. It has been brought to your attention that one of the C’nth tribesmen has defected to the Chaos forces. As part of the next phase of your campaign, you must descend deep into the cavernous passages of the Moon and retrieve this renegade.

SCENARIO: PILAR: DEPARTMENT OF DIGNITYThe Alpha Legion has invaded the orbital facilities of the Imperial Guard to repurpose the installation as a means of consolidating their position on the Moon. In this scenario you must infiltrate the “Pilar: Department of Dignity” facility and infiltrate the Mgalekgolo vault, recovering the company commander’s missing daughter, Pilar.

HUMANOID INFESTATIONThis scenario contains four optional new missions for your use in the expansion. Each mission includes full descriptions and objective details, as well as a chart for quick reference.


INSTALLATION AND DEPLOYMENT: This mission provides a detailed guide to the new Space Marine terminator, the Pathfinder. This model was designed to offer the modeller


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